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Has your cooking repertoire changed over the last few months? If yes, you’re not alone.

We recently ran a survey to examine how the current situation is changing our attitudes towards food. Among other findings, we discovered something key: since we’ve been spending more time at home, 50% of us Brits are cooking from scratch more often.

Here at Too Good To Go, this news was music to our ears. Here’s why:

Dr Cathrine Jansson-Boyd is a consumer psychologist at Anglia Ruskin University. We recently commissioned her to investigate how the experience of cooking impacts the amount of food that’s wasted in UK households.

The study found that cooking from scratch can actually lead to a reduction in food waste.

So, in celebration of Stop Food Waste Day, we thought we’d give you all the cooking-from-scratch encouragement we could muster. Introducing: #EasyRecipeasy.

We’ve teamed up with a range of our favourite chefs, Instafoodies and food brands to create a new collection of store cupboard and waste-fighting recipes, all designed to be whipped up with ease.

Everyone from author and chef Melissa Hemsley to Chris Bavin has contributed.

Download the e-Book

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