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The food app helping you save the planet

Living an ‘on-the-go’ lifestyle can come with a high price tag, not only for your pocket but for the planet as well.

We all know how it is, you want to do your bit to be a little more sustainable but it can be hard to give up that morning coffee when you forget your KeepCup, or say no to a plastic bag to carry groceries home when you forget your tote.

But fear not busy Brits - there’s an ingenious solution called Too Good To Go that helps you keep up with your busy lifestyle, save some of your hard-earned cash, and gives you an easy way to be a little more sustainable.

Too Good To Go is the free app which allows you to purchase unsold food from top eateries at the end of service, to prevent it from being thrown away. This means you get high-quality food at a great price and do some good for the planet. By saving that food from ending up in landfill, you prevent the CO2e released when it decomposes. In fact, 8% of all greenhouse gas emissions come from food waste! So where’s the sense in throwing perfectly good food in the bin?

We’ve come up with a week-long plan to show the types of delicious food you could rescue on the Too Good To Go app. By swapping just 1 meal a day for a Surprise Bag of unsold food, you could save yourself a pretty penny, while saving the planet from unnecessary CO2e emissions.

All that’s left to do is order, collect and enjoy! And thank us later 😉

Get the app now!


📍 YO! Sushi

💳 £3.50

Get your week off to a healthy start by rescuing sushi from YO! Sushi stores all across the UK. Pick up delicious sushi on your way home and save yourself on washing up for the evening.

With over 60 YO! Sushi's across the UK using the platform, you can be sure that if there’s a store near you, there’s sushi to save!

Saving: £25.10

(Based on 3 dishes at a mid-range sushi bar)


📍 Ethos

💳 £3.80

Located just off Oxford Circus, and famous for its eclectic range of vegetarian and vegan food, is Ethos. You can collect all sorts of delicious dishes, including macaroni cheese bites, chickpea and coconut curry, and sweet potato fries. As well as this, you can rescue creative salads bursting with goodness including sprouted wild rice and beet, spring buckwheat with asparagus or apple and red kale.

If your not in London, there are loads of other veggie and vegan-friendly restaurants offering their eclectic food for Too Good To Go users to collect. Is your mouth watering yet? We thought so...

Saving: £12.20

(Based on the price of a main at a vegetarian restaurant)



💳 £2.50

With a wide variety of salads, stews, and other hot dishes, Chop’d is perfect for veggies and meat-eaters alike! Have a happy hump day by rescuing a bowl of something delicious from one of their stores across the UK.

Top tip: food tastes even better when you know you’re doing something awesome for the planet!

Saving: £14.00

(Based on the price of a large salad main)

Download the app!


📍Planet Organic

💳 £2.99

Local favourite Planet Organic has a world of delicious food ready to rescue every evening. It’s been a busy week, so take the stress out of dinner and enjoy the surprise of discovering what’s in your Surprise Bag this evening. With the chance to grab fresh food from the to-go counter, or a bag of groceries from the store, you definitely won’t be disappointed.

Saving: £15.00

(Based on dinner at an organic restaurant)


📍Konditor & Cook

💳 £3

It’s Friday – treat yourself to some indulgent treats from Konditor & Cook. Located conveniently near tube stations across London, it’s impossible to resist. Start the weekend right by collecting gooey brownies, fluffy cake or berry tarts.

P.S. if you’ve got a hankering for cupcakes, make sure to check out Lola’s Cupcakes or one of the many other cake shops available on the app!

Saving: £24.75

(Based on a small cake at an upscale bakery)


📍 Sofitel

💳 £3

It’s Saturday and maybe you had a late one last night but even if you didn’t, it’s the perfect time for brunch! With AccorHotel branches across the UK, including Ibis, Novotel, Pullman, Mercure, and of course Sofitel, on the Too Good To Go app, you’re bound to find something delicious near you. Getting excited? You will be when you collect a continental breakfast, full English, or even some fluffy pastries to enjoy with some fresh OJ when you get home.

Saving: £18

(Based on brunch in a hotel)



💳 £3.59

Spend Sunday in true Parisian style, enjoying authentic French bread and patisserie from PAUL. With all their stores across the UK on the app, you can be sure that wherever your day has taken you, there’ll be delicious French treats to enjoy nearby.

Saving: £8.66

(Based on lunch at a French brasserie)

Total savings: £117.71

Shocked? We were too! By using Too Good To Go and swapping just one meal a day for a sustainable alternative you can save over £100 in just 1 week, as well as over 17.5KG of CO2e emissions.

Each meal you rescue prevents 2.5KG of CO2e emissions being caused by food waste, meaning that in just 1 week using the app you can prevent the same amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced by charging a smartphone over 2,000 times.

So, what are you waiting for? Check which of your local favourites are part of the food waste revolution, and rescue something delicious today. With a huge variety from bakeries and pizzerias to global cuisines from the Caribbean to Asia - and more joining every day - what have you got to lose?

Pick up some tasty food on your way home, grab a bottle of wine and have dinner with your friends, without the mess to clean up after!

Still hungry for more?