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2 years and 5 million meals later… a few words from our co-founder

In 2015 several pretty awesome entrepreneurs around Europe were thinking about how to use tech to tackle food waste. In 2016 it happened - the magic was born and Too Good To Go began as a tool where every meal and every person could make a difference. One of those entrepreneurs was UK-based Jamie. Here in our London office we’re still fighting food waste alongside Jamie every day, so for our two year anniversary we asked him to share a bit about the Too Good To Go journey...

WOW we’re two years old already! Genuinely can’t believe how old we are - said no two year old ever. I doubt I could even hold my own head at that age, but hey, at two years of age we’re already making one hell of a mega impact by rescuing five million meals from going to waste. Yes, that’s right, five million meals. The equivalent of feeding the entire population of Ireland for a day, so let’s all celebrate! That’s a lot of food, right?!

And by we, I don’t mean Too Good To Go, I mean all of us: our awesome food waste fighting store partners (your local cafes and restaurants on the app); our amazing Waste Warrior users and everyone else involved on this fantastic journey - we’re all part of this collective, this community and we’re making the world better one rescued meal at a time.

People are always asking me if I still use the app, probably because they remember when it was where I sourced all my food (literally ALL my food) when we were starting out. Of course I still do, I love the fun of the surprise from each meal you rescue and I love the fact I can feed my sugar and carb cravings guilt-free because I know we are helping our planet. What I really love the most now though, is standing in line to rescue a Magic Bag and meeting a load of other food Waste Warriors with their Too Good To Go app in hand. When I speak to this community not only do I get really valuable recommendations for the app, I am also amazed by the momentum the food waste movement is gaining.

So thank you everyone! Now here’s to rescuing 50 million meals, I think we can do it!

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