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Everyone deserves a seat at the table

Across borders, dialects and differences, there’s a universal language: food. It’s one of the reasons we here at Too Good To Go value it so much.

We turn to food in times of triumph and need, through sickness and health, during the everyday and the exceptional. Food has always brought us together and broken down barriers. It’s a universal language that connects us with those who may not share the same traditions, trials, or tongue.

Too Good To Go is a social impact company with a mission to inspire and empower people to save food. We are a leader in this field, and, as a leader, we want to be role models in every way.

Too Good To Go is a business that does good, and we want to make people feel good about saving food. To achieve this positive change, we have to make sure that we have the right people with a range of backgrounds, experience, thinking and talents to help us in the fight against food waste.

We believe everyone deserves a seat at the table.

We know there’s more work to be done, and for us, that starts internally.

That’s we’re striving to create more diverse teams where all our employees feel represented, included and safe. A place where people can tap into the power of their authenticity and be respected and valued for it. The aim? To become a benchmark organisation for how diversity, equity and inclusion are incorporated into our everyday working lives.


Diversity is valuing different perspectives and intentionally designing our team to reflect a range of backgrounds. This representation can be through many dimensions, including gender identity, age, race and ethnicity, sexual orientation and ability.

Equity is creating consistent, systematic, fair and just treatment, access, opportunity, and advancement for all individuals while working to remove any barriers that might prevent someone’s full and equitable participation at Too Good To Go.

Inclusion is ensuring that everyone feels like they belong and have a voice that is heard.

We’ve identified four key drivers to ensure that DE&I comes to life in our everyday culture and way of working at Too Good To Go. Below is an update on how we did against our goals in 2022 and what we’ve set out to achieve in 2023.


We will ensure that everyone at Too Good To Go - across all levels of the organisation - understands why diversity, equity and inclusion are so important to how we work. This way, we can embed it positively at every touchpoint across the business.

To do this, we are building resources for employees to increase their understanding: from sharing personal stories and knowledge to providing information on how to be an ally.

We will:

  • Ensure employees feel more included - in 2023, we again aim to improve our employee inclusion score to more than 72%.
  • Hear more employees' views - we will work towards matching or improving on the participation in our most recent DEI survey, aiming for 62% or more of employees to contribute to our Global DEI survey.
  • We will give under-represented groups a space to talk and celebrate. In 2022, we launched 4 employee resource groups (ERGs): Women in Leadership, LGBTQIA+, People of Colour and Differently Abled. We will support these groups to thrive and implement a process for future ERGs.


At every level of the business, our organisation should reflect the world we live and work in.

To do this, we will ensure we attract, retain and support diverse talent and suppliers by removing hiring biases, creating equitable and fair application processes, and actively seeking candidates and suppliers with diverse backgrounds.

We will ensure:

  • All job descriptions use inclusive and equitable language - in 2022, we implemented this and started advertising at least 20% of roles in channels which focus on key audiences. We will continue this in 2023 and revamp our Careers page.
  • Hiring managers will reduce bias and encourage diversity in our workplace - we will train 100% of hiring managers to embed a fair and equitable process when recruiting.
  • More applicants from under-represented communities will be attracted to work at Too Good To Go - we will launch two new talent marketing campaigns with a DEI focus, implement three apprenticeship programmes for minority group populations and complete three hiring events with high minority population schools or universities.
  • All our employees will see what roles are available for their next step at Too Good To Go - 100% of internal roles will be published for all employees to see.
  • All our spaces are accessible - we did an audit of this last year, and this year we will implement plans to improve accessibility in 100% of our spaces.


Education is key to broadening the awareness and perspectives of every person who works at Too Good To Go. Our educational pillar will help us educate our people on how to make diversity, equity and inclusion an everyday reality.

To do this, we will create opportunities for education, new experiences and greater exposure to DE&I.

We will ensure:

  • Employees are trained on core DE&I-led knowledge and skills - we now have DEI training as fundamental for all employees. 78% of employees completed this last year, and we will continue to train all employees to ensure they understand the meaning of equitability and inclusiveness and how they can contribute to increased inclusiveness and equitability.
  • An Employee Task Force will elevate the voices of our different countries - we will ensure one to two representatives per market are on the task force and meet regularly to discuss and share.
  • Employees will better understand and celebrate each others’ perspectives - we will run our second DEI week to share employee stories and create forums for discussion, with at least one-third of employees getting involved.
  • We stand by our Code of Ethics - our Code of Ethics and Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy will be published in 2023, and we will ensure 100% of employees are trained on it.


We recognise the power of positive role modelling and the importance of having our leaders be active voices in driving change.

To do this, we will break down hierarchical communication barriers so diversity, equity and inclusion can properly influence our working methods.

This year:

  • Leaders will be educated and confident in embedding DE&I in their leadership approach - we will continue the work we did in 2022 to train all senior leaders in inclusive leadership skills and achieve a 10% increase in the Leadership section of our DEI survey.
  • Leaders will better understand barriers to achieving our business objectives - we will continue our open Q&A forums with Global Management with at least one session with a DEI focus.
  • We will adapt according to our Gender Pay Gap Analysis - we did our first Gender Pay Gap Analysis in 2022 and will continue this annually to help us update any issues which are identified.
  • Inclusive policies will support employees - we will implement global guidelines for employees going through grief, fertility and gender transition and ensure our policies facilitate different family set-ups and caring and flexibility requirements.


Since kicking off our DE&I Taskforce in 2021, we've already made some great improvements, including setting global priorities and starting local initiatives across our many markets.

We always want to raise the bar. To reach our ambitions in diversity, equity and inclusion, we will push forward our priorities across the 17 countries we work in whilst continuing to measure our impact through our annual DE&I survey and engagement in DE&I activities.

Our Leaders, DE&I Taskforce and People and Culture team, will be the driving force behind the upcoming changes, working closely to implement global and local changes.

We will update employees, potential employees, suppliers and partners on our progress against these commitments on an ongoing basis.


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