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Mediation & Complaint Report

This Mediation and Complaint Handling Report ("Report") applies to all EU-based or UK-based Stores active on our Platform to offer surplus food to Consumers located in the EU or UK, respectively.

If you are not located in the EU or UK, this Report does not apply to you.

To comply with fairness and transparency requirements, this Report provides information about our: (i) mediation practices; and (ii) internal complaint-handling system functioning and effectiveness. If you need a translation of this Report in your local language, please contact us at:

If we are not able to resolve your issue through our complaint handling system described in our Store Terms, then mediation may be an option. In the event of a dispute, either of us can request the other party to engage in mediation. TGTG would be willing to engage in mediation using either of the following 2 mediators:

  1. ICDR:
  2. CEDR:

You do not have to use one of the mediators set out above. Together, we may also agree on another mediator.

Complaint handling system annual report
Reach out to us using the contact information for your local market listed in Schedule 1 of the Store Terms if: you have any questions about our Store Terms, you are not satisfied with the services or you have encountered technological issues. We will keep you informed of the progress status of the complaint and its outcome.

The report below describes the functioning and effectiveness of the complaint handling system for all business users of TGTG in the EU and UK.

January 2022 - January 2023


Total number of complaints submitted

We received around 1000 yearly general inquiries and we estimate that complaints were less than 100.

Total number of complaints resolved


Average time to process complaints

00:04:19 (minutes)

Total number of complaints related to alleged non-compliance with the obligations of the P2B Regulation


Total number of complaints related to the provision of TGTG services & technological issues

Less than 100

Date of last revision: January 2023