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Too Good To Go Platform enables retailers to unlock value from excess inventory with modular software that seamlessly tracks and redistributes surplus food.

5 Modules In One Interface To Address All Surplus Food Management Needs

We are helping businesses, large and small, meet their food waste goals

"Our partnership with Too Good To Go provides a commercially viable, sustainable solution to the critically important issue of food waste while also offering even lower prices, and we've been delighted with the success we've seen so far."

Liz Fox, ALDI CSR Director

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The value we deliver

  • By partnering with Too Good To Go, you can sell your surplus food at a discount to a whole new group of customers who care about sustainability and saving money. This not only generates revenue from the bags sold, but also increases footfall and customer loyalty.
  • Significant staff time is spent on surplus food disposal, expiry date tracking, and training of new employees. Too Good To Go Platform reduces costs of your store operations while boosting employee engagement.
  • Sustainability is a pillar of your business that has the potential to drive positive consumer sentiment. Often, it’s challenging to quantify the impact you’re making and communicate it in a simple, effective way. By partnering with Too Good To Go, you can boost and measure positive customer sentiment.
  • Too Good To Go provides our partners with a unique marketing channel to engage with a valuable audience at virtually no cost. At the top of the Too Good To Go marketing funnel, we’re providing trackable media performance that often outperforms that of any publisher. In turn, this promotion within the Too Good To Go app marketplace inspires buying actions in-store (incremental purchases, new customer visits, and much more).
  • By reducing food waste, Too Good to Go helps you show your employees that you care about the environment and their well-being. Too Good to Go can also help you foster a sense of community within your workplace by promoting teamwork and social responsibility. Finally, by offering a solution that benefits both your employees and the planet, you can increase employee loyalty and reduce turnover.
  • When you partner with us, you're not just doing the right thing for the planet – you're also doing the right thing for your business. By using our services, you'll generate revenue from food that would otherwise go to waste, proving your brand's commitment to sustainability and quantifying the positive impact you're making on the environment. It's a win-win-win: for the planet, for your business and for your customers.
An employee from a café giving a Surprise Bag to a Too Good To Go user

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