Finding a solution to reducing food waste makes a lot of sense for businesses in the food industry. We give our partners the opportunity to make additional profit, while also getting exposed to new customers and becoming a player within the sustainability agenda.

What we’ve done so far

There is not just one reason for food being wasted, but many different ones. Too Good To Go can help you find out what you are struggling with when it comes to food waste and how to address this systemic issue. Find out more by clicking the categories below.

Future Ambition

Food waste occurs at all levels of the food supply chain and this is something we would like to address in the future.

If you have an issue or opportunity that we could help with then we’d love to hear from you.

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Our goal is to partner with 75,000 businesses by 2020


We want businesses to be part of the action. Our ambition is to collaborate with many new partners going forward and we, therefore, track how many active stores are currently using our application in the fight against food waste.

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