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About us, our imagery, and what we’re doing to fight food waste




40% of edible food in the US is wasted, or the equivalent of a full midsize SUV every second. This contributes to 10% of all global greenhouse gas emissions and $1.2 trillion worth of food. In other words, if food waste were a country it would be the third largest emitter of greenhouse gases.

Too Good To Go helps everyday people fight food waste in their local communities by connecting them to restaurants and grocery stores with surplus meals and ingredients through an app. Once registered, users can choose from their favorite local spots to pick up meals like sushi, or ingredients like apples and avocados for a third of the normal price. This presents a win-win-win solution in which consumers get great food, store owners no longer throw away delicious surplus, and we, together, help the planet by reducing waste.

Founded in 2016 in Copenhagen, and now in 17 countries, Too Good To Go saves more than 100,000 meals every day.